38 Beautiful Restaurant Websites

I was working on a restaurant project a while back and started the project with the usual steps which involves me running through my resources for inspiration. Which I followed up with a quick online scan for quality sites…I happened to stumble upon an interesting website called, “The World’s 50 Best Restaurant Awards“.

It was a really interesting exercise! I found that the number one restaurant’s website gives a new meaning to the word simplistic. One or two of the restaurants do not have websites and others go a bit further to even have you experience the sounds in their kitchen.

My thoughts varied from nice, boringggg…, WOW, stylish, that’s something else, original, in your face, cluttered… However, it was worthwhile going through a lot of the sites!I’ve rounded up 38 examples and have a bonus one for you at the end. Take time-out and visit a few of these sites and see what I mean. Enjoy!






































Just out of curiosity, I’ve searched for a South African site… my apologies if I’ve missed one, but coming in at number 74, The Test Kitchen from Cape Town… the website… mmm… look for yourself:



Pieter Els
Pieter Els
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