20 Examples of Handwritten Logos to Inspire

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May 19, 2014
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20 Examples of Handwritten Logos to Inspire


There is nothing like a well designed logo based on handwriting. I think the reason for that is, and I agree with Brian Yerkes who says: “Handwritten logos can give that personal touch to a huge corporation like Disney”, or for that matter Coca Cola. But again handwritten logos are not suitable for all businesses or companies.

Handwritten logos present two directions. The first is to use a font as is and the second option is to convert the font to lines and modify the font to create a desired style or feeling. One of the biggest challenges I want to emphasize in handwritten logos, is that of balance. The 20 examples I have chosen here were because of their perfect balance. See if you agree with me.

I want to start with a big name in this genre and a definite inspiration to me, Sergey Shapiro. Sergey is an independent graphic designer and specializes in calligraphy and lettering design. He says that he loves his job and does it with all his heart and with passion. For example, look at his logo:

I think it is really something unique. I scrolled through a few of his designs and what jumps out at first was the perfect balance. I also featured a few other examples from other designers. Enjoy! and let me know what you think.

Wooden Nickel Circus by Sergey Shapiro


Victory by Sergey Shapiro


Decorology by Sergey Shapiro


Surf by Sergey Shapiro


Good Theory by Sergey Shapiro


Descu by Sergey Shapiro


Following are a few other designers, also on Dribbble.

PinPoint by Deividas Bielskis


CityHint by Deividas Bielskis


Sevda Jewelry by Stelian Vasile


Jack London by Jackson Alves


Kurt Heinemann by Stelian Vasile


Rex by Alexander Sapelkin


Be Stylish by Alen Type08 Pavlovic


The Suitecase Party by Alen Type08 Pavlovic


Handwritten Gif, Cinemotive by Joe White


Broad River Roasters by Jacob Boyles


Luchini by P.von Hagen


Infinity by Stelian Vasile


Tivoli by Valentina Badeanu


Card Nest by Hype and Slippers


Pieter Els
Pieter Els
Designer at Inconcept Media that is passionate about changing the design industry. With more than 30 Years of experience in the industry and thousands of hours invested, I still love what I do. Follow me on Twitter: @PieterEls12

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