Why Corporate Identities are Expensive to Produce

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Why Corporate Identities are Expensive to Produce


Have you ever laid awake at night wondering why your competitors were paying an arm and a leg for corporate identities, but you were making your own? I’m sure you aren’t alone… When approaching a design studio for your new corporate identity, people are often dumbstruck with the quotes they receive. They imagine that it can’t take too long to quickly draw a picture, combine it with their company name and stick it onto paper. What most people don’t realize is that the designing of the identity isn’t a race, but a process. The designer follows certain steps to get to the final product.

People don’t always see what the real value and role of a well designed corporate identity is, as they always try and brush off on the cheapest option they can find.

They are still stuck in the mindsets that designing a corporate identity takes a hour or two at the most and anything longer than that, the designer is wasting time. The client/you couldn’t be further from the truth.

From the designers perspective, there are certain rules and steps that need to be followed to produce a high quality, interpretable product for the client. They call it a, “Creative Process.”

Discovery Phase

The first step in the process is called the discovery phase.

What do you as the client want? Who is your target market? Is your business dealing locally, nationally or internationally? Are you a small business or a big corporation? These are merely questions posing as examples, but in reality the client undergoes a rigorous questioning session bordering on that of appearing in High Court.

We need to be sure that we have all the information needed to serve you best. Your corporate identity is thee most important factor to your business, besides maybe your product, but without a good look and great marketing you won’t be going anywhere. So making use of clip art or trying to do it yourself if you aren’t a seasoned professional is totally out. No go! You need to be honest with yourself and your business, do you want to fall in the trap of going the cheapest route or will you invest in your business because you believe in it?

People form opinions and make assumptions based on the look of your company. If they see you didn’t invest in your corporate identity or marketing, they assume that you are either amateurish, greedy or new to the business world. That is something you’d like to avoid as a whole. Sure corporate identities don’t come cheap, but investing in your business is the best way to portray to your customers and clients that you believe in your business.

You want to make R10 Million a year from your home based business, but you don’t want to fork out R10,000 for your corporate identity? How do you balance those odds? Doesn’t make much sense now does it? The big companies out there spend more than R10 Million a month on advertising and payed millions of dollars for their identities to be recognizable over the years. They believed that they had to invest in their businesses and right they were.

Let’s get back on track here…

Corporate identities being designed or redesigned start off by assessing the logo design the business currently has, if any that is. This takes place after the discovery phase. We start by doing extensive research in your businesses field.  We have to look at your competitors, trend setters, design trends and markets to get familiar with your sectors and to determine where to kick-off with your corporate image. Having this info enables us to establish firm ideas and envision exactly what you as a client need for your project to succeed in your target market. 

So this will only take a hour or two maximum you said? sure….

Design Phase

After we finish up with the research, we start with the design process. Taking into consideration the information we gathered during the research phase, combined with your needs and requests, we start to compile draft ideas for your identity. We always make sure that we under promise and over deliver and bring ideas to the table that make your jaw drop. We do realize that this could go back and forth a few times as every person has different tastes, but we usually are quick to narrow down an idea everyone agrees on. We also talk about the correct font choices, color pallets, layouts, medium incorporation’s etc. Once there is a draft you are happy with and have signed off, we move on to the next step.

Development Phase

The development phase starts off with an approved design and enables us to start developing the final products which can include anything from business cards, brochures, letterheads, compliment slips, e-signatures, folders, packaging or even stickers. It’s up to you what you need for your brand exactly, we give our recommendations and then it is up to you to decide. After going back and forth once again regarding little changes to the different products, we are ready to sign off the final designs for your business identity. This moves us onto the next phase…

Deployment Phase

The deployment phase is where we take care of rolling out your identity and bringing it to life. Get files to the printers, getting designs proofed and signed off and of course seeing you smile when we drop off your brand new identity at the office.


We just covered the basic steps taken to take care of a corporate identity design. Each project has its own direction and sometimes things can change at the last minute, but it’s up to you to make the decision which will benefit your business the most. There aren’t any shortcuts to getting your business branded properly and it is usually an expensive route, however if you believe your business is going to succeed and top your expectations why not invest in your identity to make sure you always have the upper hand in your market over the competitors?

Let’s talk if you have any questions and see how we can get your kitted out with a brand new or redesigned corporate identity. Contact Us

To end off with, here is a few examples, that I want to show you. Tell me what you think…

Pieter Els
Pieter Els
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