21 Twitter Accounts to Follow for Design Tips

I think it is time for me to confess. I always knew about twitter… I’ve created a lot of twitter backgrounds for clients… but in the end… twitter is a place where I have hardly spent any time. I thought it might be time for me to do a little recap… for myself… because in this case, it feels to me that I’m the odd and only one out. I did a Google search on “What twitter really is”. I then closed my eyes and clicked somewhere on the list. The first one I clicked on was Jeff Goins and he summed up my feelings about twitter. He said, “Twitter is of course a cocktail party. It’s an excuse to have a conversation.” This was proved when I started my research for this article and scrolled through the lists and lists of designers. I found every second person making small talk about pizza and someone else, somewhere totally loosing it and I thought to myself, “what am I doing here because I do not have time for conversations like this.”

OK, but before you throw me out as totally ignorant, I’ve done my homework and started to “educate” myself because Jeff also shares how he came to new insights about Twitter.

The way I was using Twitter up to now was for voting purposes… and that is what you will find on my twitter account at this stage, nearly 8000 tweets with various design articles (and no small talk). Therefore it was from this perspective that I researched for this article, to find more designers or accounts that offer information around articles giving tips on designing and the design world. I’ve tried to eliminate those with the small talk (forgive me, may have lost a few great ones in the process) and focused on those who share their articles and tips on designing, the how-to’s, their work, portfolios – everything one needs information on surrounding design.

Following is a list of accounts and names I thought would be worthwhile to follow (I may be wrong, but it is worth a try).  I do not want to make it out as THE list because somewhere along the line, I will definitely meet some more and adapt my list. Go and have a look at their Twitter accounts and also their websites and let me know what you think.

The greatest advantage of following these people is to get the latest in design trends and then naturally designers sharing tips and their latest work towards the design community. If you want to add some more, please let me know. Enjoy!

(Please take note, the followers count were taken on the 23rd of September 2013.) Yes, that is when this article was written.

Nicholas Patten

Founder of Spatik Media
Product Manager, Product Owner, Entrepreneur, Social Media, New York.
Followers 79.5K

Mike Lane

Product Designer with 20 years design experience, specializing in creative UX/UI for mobile and responsive web applications. Minneapolis, MN.
Followers 31.3K


Designer, developer, chief editor of http://hongkiat.com  Malaysia

Followers 37K

Grant Friedman

I ask people to teach other people about Photoshop. Sometimes, I take photos. Editor of @psdtuts. Husband of @hellohallie. New York, NY.
Followers 20.8K

Andrew Kelsall

A Graphic Designer who works for projects mainly in the UK, America and Australia. I predominantly design logos, CD sleeves and posters─as well as unique large format projects. UK.
Followers 59.6K

Jon Phillips

Maker of fine things that live on the interwebs. Web/UX/graphic designer, enthusiast photographer, musician. Working at @BuySellAds. Montreal, Quebec
Followers 22.1K

Franz Jeitz

Freelance graphic designer & blogger at Fudgegraphics. Tea lover. Doing graphics for @CommunionMusic. Co-founder of @LDNMeets meetups. London, UK
Followers 14.7K

bkmacdaddy designs

Web & graphic designer specializing in creatively custom WordPress websites, Facebook pages, Twitter Backgrounds, SEO – all your web design dreams in 1 place! Vacaville, CA

Followers 20K

Dainis Grāveris

Want healthy design related discussion? Look no further, as we will help you to become a better web designer! TWO million monthly visitors cannot be wrong! Latvia.
Followers 48.5K

Paul Andrew

Speckyboy Design Magazine is a web and graphic design blog run by Paul Andrew.
Followers 58.3K

Graham ‘Logo’ Smith

Graham ‘Logo’ Smith—Forging Logomarks of Distinction, has been a logo and brand identity designer since ’86. Seaford, East Sussex, England.
Followers 45.5K

Meagan Fisher

Web designer. Lover of owls. See the things I’m making on http://dribbble.com/owltastic  NY.
Followers 23.3K

Jacob Cass

Graphic Designer, Logo Designer, Web Designer, Blogger, Creative Thinker, Social Media Nut, Freelancer, Link Sharer. New York. 
Followers 67.8K

David Ansett

Founder of brand design agency Truly Deeply. Helping businesses build their brand by serving-up doses of daily brand insights, observations & inspirations. Australia/the World.
Followers 10.5K


Collis, works at Envato where he helps with web design and development! I’m also a Baha’i and in my spare time work on Baha’i Blog (http://bahaiblog.net ) Melbourne .
Followers 33.2K

Aaron Epstein

Co-founder, CPO at @CreativeMarket & @COLOURlovers. Voice of the user. Powered by cheerios and avocados. DC ↔ SF ↔ NYC.
Followers 147K

Maryam Taheri

@CreativeMarket & @COLOURlovers marketing director, @USFCA alum – Sci Fi nerdy girl and food lover all in one. San Francisco.
Followers 76.6K

Theo Rosendorf

Creative Director & Author of The Typographic Desk Reference (TDR) Atlanta, GA
Followers 22.5K


Voracious appetite for developer links and articles! NC, USA.
Followers 27.2K

Underworld Magazines

Underworld Magazines is a design blog displaying some of the best design news, resources, and interviews from around the web. New York.
Followers 7.2K

Pieter Els
Pieter Els
Designer at Inconcept Media that is passionate about changing the design industry. With more than 30 Years of experience in the industry and thousands of hours invested, I still love what I do. Follow me on Twitter: @PieterEls12

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