Welcome to the Inconcept Media Blog

57 Minimalistic Logos to Inspire
October 1, 2012
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Welcome to the Inconcept Media Blog


Yes, it’s our first post on the Inconcept Media blog. Here we will be highlighting articles ranging from case studies, inspiration, critique, office happenings to client advice and more. We will be rolling out content as often as we can and try to give you some quality content from our sister sites as well.

Who is Inconcept Media?

Inconcept Media formerly known as Inconcepts Design Studio has built up a wide variety of clients ranging from small businesses to large corporations over the years. Having been acquired by the An1ken Group in 2012 and re-branded. Inconcept Media has been established to create a company that creates projects and opportunities to change the world simultaneously through creative thinking, sufficient design and accurate development.

We thrive on exceeding client expectations and over delivering on promises. Customer satisfaction is important to us and therefore maintaining a high level of efficiency is non-negotiable throughout our day to day operations in the design field.

We are based in Jeffreys Bay, South Africa known for its world class surf break, but apart from that we are proud to say that we deliver some of the highest quality work available to you throughout the world. Ranging from graphic design, development, marketing strategies, social media consulting and more. We recommend having a look at our extensive list of services that we provide to fully grasp the potential at hand.

Be sure to subscribe to the Inconcept Media feed so that you can stay up to date when we launch new work and content.

See you soon.
Inconcept Media Team

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